By: Danny Atwood, Jefferson P. Swycaffer, Stephanie Golightly, Sue Dawe, Susan and John Ruff

Abductions in Time, Space, and Fantasy

Faerie rings. Alien abductions. Medieval highwaymen. Time travel.These are NOT your standard kidnapping stories.

Emerald Cove Press is excited to present “Kidnapped!”, our first anthology of short stories focused on a single theme. Seven stories by five authors each with unique takes on the theme of abduction stories.

Lord Larrin’s Daughter – by Susan Ruff
A group of medieval bandits get a bit more than they expected when they kidnap Lord Larrin’s Daughter
The Emeralds of Adversity – by Jefferson P. Swycaffer
You never know for sure where you are going to find your next monster.
Taken – by Danny Atwood
Peter Cooper used to think of consequences as things that happened to other people. Now all his past mistakes and sins have caught up with him and thrown him into the trunk of his own car. He is forced to confront what he is and what he’s done with who he wants to be.
Tongue-tied: When my super-ego kidnapped my voice and took it hostage – by Stephanie Golightly
Rhonda Berkowitz couldn’t have imagined how atrocious her day could really get until her worst critic got involved and stooped to kidnapping.
Factory Farm – by Sue Dawe
Factory Farm: Charlie Cavarotti was a bright thirteen-year-old girl living an ordinary life on her family’s small dairy until she was abducted. Imprisoned alone in a small cell, her only tie to sanity is a lone voice in the utter darkness.
Caught in Time – by Danny Atwood
Zoey Parker was distracted from the simple task of picking up her little sister Megan by her new boyfriend, Marcus. Breaking into a top-secret government bunker full of ninjas was not part of the plan. Now, instead of making out with Marcus, Zoey’s on a rescue mission. Can she get Megan home in time to watch her favorite cartoon?
The Faerie Parallax – by Jefferson P. Swycaffer
A wise man once said that a sufficiently gilded cage is indistinguishable from freedom. This story’s protagonist might not agree.




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