My old installation of WordPress had critical failures when it came time for my webhosting to upgrade their version of PHP. As there was barely anything on it, except an excerpt of an Emmeline draft from 2007, I opted for throwing the whole thing out and starting with a brand new installation of WordPress.

At this point, my writing group – Emerald Cove Press – has self published three books.

Kidnapped! is an eclectic collection of science fiction and fantasy stories that involve some take on abduction of some form or another. From fairies to space aliens, spirit possessions, to secret government agencies

This anthology is where I first introduced Zoey Parker and Marcus Hooker in a universe where some people have super powers thanks to unethical secret government experiments. There was a follow-up to their story in Stolen! and there will be more to come about them

Stolen! is the follow-up in that collection of Emerald Cove Shorts, with short stories about heists and cons.

While the first book in my Emmeline story has been written and rewritten over and over as I try to get it right, some characters escaped into the Stolen anthology for a little prequel.

As themes go, “kidnapped” and “stolen” don’t really scream targetted audience nearly as well as “zombie apocalypse” or “urban fantasy holiday romance” – Maybe the next book in that series will do a better job of collecting stories that the same reader will enjoy all of. That next theme is “Magical Beasts in a Modern World.”

In addition to Emerald Cove Shorts, we also collaboratively created the world of the Grysaille. The first book of short stories, “Exiles of Eeria” is available in ebook, paperback, and hardcover, with illustrations and cover art by Sue Dawe.

We’ve already got lots of ideas for continuing to build the universe of the Grysaille and plan to continue putting out new anthologies together in this world, as well as potentially each publishing our own individual novels. I look forward to writing more detective stories with Marisha Cross, as well as continuing to explore the romantic relationship between Martin Bishop and his hunky Marine, Sheldon.

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