By: Danny Atwood, Jefferson P. Swycaffer, Stephanie Golightly, Sue Dawe, Susan and John Ruff

Scoundrels, Heists, Cons, and a Pilfered Fish: An anthology of science-fiction, fantasy, and horror short stories

Nine original short stories, each a window into a different world – werewolves, Renaissance burglars, demons, dream-eaters, fairies, genies, and fish filchery

Stolen ID – by Danny Atwood
Ashlyn Reynard wakes up from a coma in a strange house surrounded by people she doesn’t know. Since the night she was attacked on her way home from work, everything in her life has changed forever.

The Quality of Larceny – by Jefferson P. Swycaffer
A pair of doughty ne’er-do-wells cross Europe from Prussia to Spain, in hopes of making their (illicit) fortune. Riddle: when is a supernatural advantage not an advantage at all?

Parson’s Trap – by Devil’s Contract by Stephanie Golightly
High school reunions have a way of showing both how much and how little has changed in the interim. For Kristen London and Legend Travis, this particular reunion marks 10 years since their relationship combusted, in a way only a relationship with a demon hunter can.

Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays – by Sue Dawe
At first, Chase Emory thought the charming maid’s quarters she rented for a low price in a lovely old home in Kensington was a real steal. But sometimes, old homes can come with older threats, and this bargain rental came with more than what she signed for in the agreement. Now she is wondering who is stealing from whom.

Takebacks – by Danny Atwood
The King and Queen of Fairy are always fighting. Satyr and master thief, Ruup, knows better than to get involved with either of them. Their battles are toxic. If only there were a way to double-cross both of them, that might be worth it.

In Formation – by Jefferson P. Swycaffer
Falselips Fergus is an information broker and rumor engineer. Sometimes, you really can know more than is good for you.

Lord Larrin’s Trophy – by Susan Ruff
Lario Grenden had a simple job — keep the trade delegation’s valuables safe during their visit. But any hope of simplicity shattered with the appearance of a mysterious lady and the disappearance of a big fish.

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend – by Stephanie Golightly
Mia Moore considered Zain Aziz her best friend, mostly because he’d made it clear that friends were all they could be. At least until he handed her a monstrous diamond.

Stealing Time – by Danny Atwood
Zoe’s boyfriend Marcus keeps dying. If her little sister didn’t have the power to send people back in time an hour or two to try again, this would be a tragic day. Since she does, it’s been several tragic days. Her sister’s power doesn’t give unlimited do-overs, though, and time is running out to find the way to get through the day with Marcus alive.


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